One With The Music.

I dont know why i wrote the following poem but i just did. It isnt one of my best creations but its still mine. It was a debt i had to pay. Do give it a read and tell me what you felt while going through it. Have fun. ^_^ 

O’sweet music,

Fill the room with your melody,

The perfect notes, each stroke unique,
You carry on with your vigour,
Making people smile in the days they face disaster.

You roar like a lion,
Shaking the jungle to its roots.
Like a swan you swim,
Constantly walking on the rhythm,
Elegant to the very last beat.
Your compositions are great and many,
They run, leaving a mark behind,
For people to know and to believe,
The limits they can reach,
If they have the courage to fight.

Fire and ice can never be brothers,
But on your tunes they can dance,
Together, with fun and enjoyment,
All about the enemity and a reckless past.

How can one be mistaken?
That your beauty and your charm,
Lies in your purity,
And your endless love for a cheery soul,
Complementing your kindess as whole.

Bright is the day,
When you are in it,
The dullest are filled with your lingering chimes.
Thats the effect,
Of you,
O’sweet music.
Dont let anyone take away your shine.


Lost and Untouched Colours.

So here is another poem i wrote. Feel free to comment anything that came into your mind while reading it. Lets share. ^_^

‚ÄčShe was never good at painting,

But she tried,
to perfect every stroke of brush.
Every new canvass brought a different picture,
Some yet to be sketched for completion,
Some only to be filled with colours.
But not all the colours were necessary,
And So she thought.
Just a handful of them would suffice.
The whole pack,
Left on the shelf,
Untouched and barely used.
All she painted was grey and black.
A tint of pink and some amount of blue,
A bit of silver,
And She thought that would do.
Dull and duller,
the paintings turned out slowly,
Every leaflet similar to the previous,
Only Just a touch of difference.

Why were the skies always black?
Why were the grass just one colour of green?
Why did sun didnt change its colour?
Why were the flowers only red?
Why were the mountains only brown?
Why were the birds white?
Why were the pebbles only gray?
And why were the animals different only in shape?

The answers lay in the corners of her heart,
Just waiting to be looked into.

But its too late now.
The colours on the shelf have dried up,
A thik line of dust,
Decaying but not forgotten.
She cant use them anymore,
Nor can she reminence their beauty in the pages.
Just a rememberance of their existence,
On the shelf,
Of the lostand untouched


Kimi Ni Todoke: A Letter #3

Dear Stranger,

I dont know your name. Such a pity. You were one of the main ingredients to spoil my day.
One year ago while on the bus, going to your college to attend the event, i had decided to only enjoy with my friends which meant no sneak-a-peak. Thankfully i was doing that until we reached the gates of your university.  Lo-and-behold i saw you standing there wearing black blazer with black goggles, destroying all my previous efforts of keeping my eyes in check from wandering away. Why did you have to look so good? I dont even know what it was in you that had caught my attention.
Just once did i glance at you and i knew it would be difficult to get you out of my mind. Being the sensible girl i am, i did try to think about other things but you turned out to be the head co-ordinator who was running everywhere, looking after things, hovering infront of my eyes.
When 1st half of the event ended i knew my eyes would be searching for you and sadly they couldnt find you. It was as if you have disappeared. I was disappointed. But then suddenly you walked passed  me and i couldnt help but kinda sort of let out an audible “oh gosh”. I was happy beyond words and thus i knew my fate. So i accepted that i should enjoy this while it lasts.
The 2nd and last day of the event was mostly about you for me. I didnt know when i would be able to see you again or whether i would be able to see you again so i enjoyed every moment of seeing you from a distance. I think i might have creeped you out a little bit had you noticed me but you didnt which i dont regret. When the 2nd half of the event ended i couldnt find you again. You had left. I remeber my spirits sinking a bit but then i occupied myself with the cultural program that was going on. I was eagerly waiting for the fashion show because i knew it would turn out to be a,well, “spectacle” (please notice the sacrcasm). While the anchors were making some completely illogical jokes i ran my eyes through the crowd and saw a guy in jeans and black shirt wearing goggles. I froze. My heart skipped a beat. It was you, standing there, rocking the black colour. You were looking for someone with a bunch of papers in your hand. Silently i wondered if it werent for black, would i have noticed you? Well, i might have because i realised it wasnt just your looks but the way you carried yourself and the air with which you walked. I hated the feeling of feeling satisfied after knowing that you havent left, yet, but your presence brought a little colour to the evening.
The cultural program ended and everyone was waiting for the fashion show to start so thought i would rush to the ladies room and be back in a jiffy. I could hear that the new set of anchors had already started with the welcoming and introduction but i didnt pay attention because i wanted to rush back to my seat. Somehow i made it before people started walking on the runway. The male anchor was still speaking and i was quite impressed with the way he spoke so i chanced a look at him. Yes, it was you, again. You were the anchor for the fashion show. My satisfaction soared and i sat there simply feeling happy and contended.
When the program ended i saw you for the last time, happily talking to your friends and having fun. As long as you were enjoying the night, i was enjoying it too.
But this year you werent there. Maybe you are already working for some organisation or persuing further studies. But whatever you are doing i want to wish you all the luck. May God always protect you and guide you. May He save your soul. May God shower His choicest belssings on you.
Hey Stranger. Stay well. Take care.

Secret ingredient: Love

Out of the blue my friend sent me a YouTube link about being confident in our own skin, irrespective of what people say. The girl in the video reversed her makeup routine and ended it by smiling in bare skin. One of the lines in the video said “im tired of people telling me how sick and exhausted i look” and that hit me home. After watching that video i couldnt help but smile, not because of the content of the video but because my friend thought of me when she herself saw it. 

She guessed how low i felt because of the current condition of my skin. She hinted that beauty isnt just skin deep and i wasnt just beautiful on the surface.
The video did remind me of this and helped me boost my confidence but the warmth that i felt because of her concern gave me strength to look forward optimistically.
Then a realization dawned upon me. Motivating people, encouraging them isnt the only way to cheer for them to fight the battles. Making them feel loved and cherished can have a major impact on their stamina to stand up against the odds as well.
This is the era where words alone cannot help people out of depression. Emotional support is a must. Words need to be backed up with action to complete the circuit and these actions pertains to love.
Give people love, let them feel cherished. Show them that they do matter. Let not your motivating words be nothing but empty untensils: making noise and doing nothing. Let their be love in your words followed by actions.

Spread love as much as you can and as long as you can. People need it and you need it too.

Random Rant.

It was one of the memorable days of my life. I saw the true faces of people I called friends. I understood that trusting the gut feeling is always more important than trusting the other person.

If it had been “people” then i guess my heart wouldnt have bled the way it did but it was my friends who punched a hole in my chest. Especially the one whose real face i knew how it would be yet i ignored and hoped i was wrong. But what else was I supposed to do? 

I hardly smiled that day. I wasnt happy. I knew I had lost friends again. Somewhere in between i know i am at fault but i never bluffed neither did i pretend. I never played games but loved them with whatever i had left in me. There was no other choice but to keep them at some distance because they cannot understand my thought process (i dont blame them for that) and neither did i want to share my most precious thing because i believe not everything is to be shared.
I lost them. I lost friends again. 

Will relationship be always more important that friendship? Maybe.

I cant trust them again. Its an irreparable damage. I wish i could turn back time and enjoy with them before all this happened: before I became selfish and rude.

Across The River

Is the other side of the river more beautiful than the side you are walking down? Is that the place where you want to be? Across the river? Then shouldnt you cross the river to be where you want to be?

So take a step in the water. Judge the temperature. Can you endure it? Yes, you can. Take one step further. Its getting deeper. Do you know how to swim incase it gets too deep? If no then learn how to swim. Learn those strokes. Make yourself strong to fight the current. Then take another step towards the other side. It is still getting deeper. Do not panic. You know how to swim. You have trained yourself. You can do it. You have the strength. Believe in yourself and take another step. If its too deep then its time to apply those skills you have learnt. Swim like a fish. Swim to the other side. The currents are strong but you can become stronger. With every powerful stroke you are getting nearer to the place you want to be. But remember always: do not panic because slowly you’ll see the waters arent deep anymore. You can feel the ground beneath your feet. You can walk again. Muster up the strength to walk the remaining steps forward. Do not turn back. Shallow waters are just few steps ahead. Make that journey. Take those final steps.
And lo and behold you are on the other side of the river, the place you always aspired to be in.
Now relax and enjoy it. You have done a good job so be proud of yourself; give that back a nice pat. Ofcourse there were hardships, the wading, the swimming, the currents, the unknown…but the fruits are more delicious than you could have ever imagined. You are where you pictured yourself be so wasnt all that worth it?

So Make your heart strong and be courageous. Take a step into the water and challenge yourself. Be confident and cross the river.

Kimi Ni Todoke: A Letter #2

Dearest ex-friend.

Or maybe we are still friends but i know i have lost you. I know i cant be who i was before with you. The worst of it is that i pushed you away. Your worth, your value was eclipsed because of my pride and ego. It was my mistake. Im sorry. If only i knew you better, if only i could have seen what a great person you are.
I saw you with your best friend and honestly it really did hurt me because i remember how much we used to talk. Sadly we couldnt hangout while we were still in touch.
You know what hurts me the most? I have lost that important position from your life. I am just a person you know and no more that great friend who you held precious.
I know i backed out but what else could i have done anyway? I didnt know how you really felt for me. I wanted friendship but i wasnt sure from your side. Maybe you wanted that too. It was all confusing. Now all we do is avoid each other. Why do we do that? Why have you always avoided me in public places? You always treated me with indifference when people were around. It was always me who took the inititative. Why did you do that? I even told you about DJ and you were so supportive and understanding about it. But why did you have to make me feel important only on phone and just another friend when we met? That also hurt me too you know?
But You did not technically leave. The distance grew on us. I think thats why you talked the way you did the last time we talked. You knew things are different and they have ended so you spoke all thats good for me and encouraged me. You were putting a full stop on us with your encouraging words.
But I just want my friend back. I wish i could say that to you but i wont because i see how great things are going between you two. I can see you are happy and so much comfortable with her. So stay happy. Its alright as long as you are happy. Its fine. But please just stay happy. Please always take care of yourself. I really admire your courage and how talented you are. Dont let anything put you down. You are a wonderful person and i believe in you. Smile cuz you have a great smile. I will always cherish our memories however significant they maybe.