What To Speak?

You see everyone is fighting their own battle. There is always war waging inside of each person that you see. Even you are fighting hard as well. So isnt it important to speak only the words of encouragement rather than uttering un-intelligent, selfish arrows that does everything which isnt good?

These days people are absorbed in self-doubt and self-condemnation which only brings them down to the pit of misery and darkness. But one word from you can bring them to see the light which has always been present just unnoticed because of closed eyes.
Tell them that they are looking good. Tell them that they’ll score great in their tests. Tell them that there’s always a way through the wilderness. Tell them there’s always hope. Tell them to relax and be patient.
If talking isnt what they need then show them that you are concerned about their well being and are not just curious. Ask how their day was. Dont force conversations but make them feel that you are there for them. Moreover never hold yourself back from complimenting them.
It is necessary to make people feel comfortable in their own skin otherwise how else would they get the self-confidence to rise above all the misery and fight the battles.
You can make a difference in a person’s bad day and that to a good difference. So why to hold back from doing good? Thankfully it doesnt cost money.
Make people smile because its the best curve in the world.


Say No to Negativity.

I refuse to believe that you would let such negativity caused by other people to enter your life. Dont you see how much you have to succeed and be fruitful? You dont have time to be engulfed in contemplating people’s behaviour towards you. There’s a lot to be done and still more to enjoy.

Does it matter how that one friend treats you because you are treating them right? No. To some extent it doesnt. Remember you are doing the good deed and that should satisfy you.
Do not let the negativity of the world destroy the positivity already embeded inside of you.
Put your foot down and stand firm in your manners and propriety. Build your will power to fight that negativity because at the end of the day your head should not hung down in the guilt of an action which does not define you.
Think positive and speak positive, even for those you cant stand. Whats the use of cursing and blaming each other anyway? It will only lead to increased stench and negativity. And remember there is no time for that.
Smile. Forgive. Forget. Why hold grudges when in the end it ll spoil you and your peace of mind?
Stay positive. Live in positivity.

Just Relax!

Do you know how important it is to relax and chill? Even in difficult situations it is necessary to remain calm and not start hyperventilating.

You see it is a necessity. Sometimes we tend to ignore how much pressure we inflict on ourselves just by not relaxing and pushing ourselves out side the limits which we shouldnt cross.
I know that we should work hard but it doesnt mean we should be hard on ourselves. This is life. You are meant to enjoy it. Every second of it is precious. Dont be burdening yourself into something that would cost you your health and peace of mind.
Im not asking you to quit. Im asking you to take a break, relax and go at it again.
Rushing forward isnt an answer to quick success.
You take one step, then another, then the next one and so on. Every step requires energy and stability of mind which has to be replenished periodically. So are you replenishing them? Are you taking good care of your mind and your body?? Are you relaxing?? After all that work are you giving yourself a pat on your back? Are you?
If no then why not?
Never forget that a little improvement is an improvement in itself. So let me repeat myself : dont be hard on yourself.
You have to learn this small mantra. Relax. It is alright. The more you try to bring things together the more they will fall apart given you are doing it outside the LOC. Stop right there. Breath in breath out. Get yourself a glass of water or something you have been longing to eat. Replenish that precious mind and body of yours. Then with a light heart work towards your goals.
So please just Chillax.

So Are You Scared?

Yes! You have to pick yourself up. You have to push. These troubled waters and the gushing and foaming of waves are meant to scare you. So are you scared? If no then kudos to you and if yes then its alright. After all we all are just humans.

But havent you heard of the words “brave” and “courageous”? These does not indicate the absence of fear. They mean despite the fear and rattling of bones one chooses to move on to the path despite how dangerous and perelious it looks. Its obvious to be scared of something you dont know but that does not in the slightest mean that you should give up and stay where you are, becoming stale and consumed with the burden of fear.
You should move on.
Be the courageous  soldier. Be the brave soldier. The one who knows what fear is but also the one who knows what courage is. It is not easy but neither is it impossible.
It’s alright. Do not worry. Be still and calm. Dont freakout. Dont panic.
God has promised a way through wilderness and a stream through wasteland. He is here. Just let Him take control. Let Him do His work and see how beautifully He fulfills His promises. Have faith. It is all in His hands.

Trust Issues.

Well its obvious to doubt someone who are suddenly very particular in their attentions for you. Many questions ravages your mind and you can’t really enjoy the special treatment because its hard to believe that its done not because they want some work done but because you are special for them. 

Confusion is imperative. You dont know how to react, what to say and how much to indulge yourself in these attentions. At some point these special treatments become a bit frustrating and annoying as you know they’ll last only for some time and you dont want to get used to them.

The truth always stops you from being completely happy. It is definitely upsetting when you have to hold yourself back because you cannot open up to them knowing you get attached easily and their current behaviour is only temporary. Who wants to get attached to anything temporary anyway? One cannot help but envy Charles Xavier.

Its hard to trust them. But whats to be done? Well enjoy till it lasts keeping in mind that it will end some day. Dont bar yourself from being happy as it has become a rare luxury.

The Untrustworthy Mind

How does it feel not to have a mind of your own? When you don’t trust your own feeling? When you aren’t sure what is the next feeling you are going to feel? Never knowing whether, what you are feeling should be shaken off or accepted? What if this feeling is temporary? Should promises be made?

This confusion is tiring. You can never get used to it. Every decision becomes so hard to make.

I find it melancholic not to be sure of what to feel and to live with it every single day. It is indeed saddening how one can’t even trust their own feelings and keep doubting whether they should feel that way or not because that isn’t what others feel.

We have to understand every person’s point of view is different so their feelings, their thought process will be different as well. If it differs then that doesn’t mean that you are wrong or what you are feeling is incorrect. Sure, your best friend’s favourite colour is black because for her it symbolises bold and sexy but for others it can be satanic or might imply negativity. Now my favourite colour is blue. Why? Because it suits me best. I don’t really care what its significance is but I do care how it makes me look.

So there will be feelings, both temporary and permanent. It is imperative to enjoy every ounce of it because that is the basic of being human. You can’t be dead inside. You are supposed to feel which is why you have a heart and a soul. So don’t condemn yourself for feeling something which isn’t common to the general public. You are unique. So Stay that way…]



How Can Someone’s Back Be So Familiar? 

Hanging out and suddenly you see a “friend”.

How can someone’s back be so familiar? Whose face you dont need to see to know who they are.

In all honestly it did hurt to see you, to see a person i considered special and yet couldnt approach them. It all broke down right? I enjoyed your company a lot but somethings are never meant to be. We couldnt be friends forever.

But then how could i stay friends with someone i dont trust. Sadly i was never myself when i was with you. I always had to be cautious of your games and tread every step very carefully.
 My doubts kept me safe from you.
You never made me feel comfortable. You never would have liked me for who i really am.
I knew very well of your double standards. I was aware of your arrogance. Yet i accepted you for who are but would you have done the same?

I still remember you. I still remember our limited memories. Can you believe they never fail to make me smile? I wish to relive them again so that i can enjoy a little bit more of the constricted time we had.

If only you could have put in some efforts. But why would you when you clearly never understood my value and how great friends we could have been. You never won my trust. I dont hate you. No. Not at all. I might say that a lot but only because your face, your name, your memories punches a fist to my heart and i dont want to accept that. I dont want to accept that i was never good enough to be your friend.